Cargill Malt offers the broadest malt product portfolio on the market for brewers, distillers and food manufacturers. Since entering the malt business in 1979, we’ve strengthened our network of global production and sourcing to not only tap the best available malting barley, but also ensure physical supply and competitive pricing for our customers. With a production of over two million metric tons of high quality malt annually, Cargill ranks among the top maltsters of the world. Its worldwide malt network includes malting facilities strategically placed in barley-growing regions of 10 different countries and sales teams based in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, and the United States, who can partner with you to meet your malt needs.  Find out more about our global technical capabilities, brands and applications at Cargill Malt's home page. 
Cargill Malt’s Asia Pacific business is the largest  malt producer in Australia, with seven plants producing more than 550,000 tonnes per annum. We offer a broad range of malt products which are branded Joe White Maltings.   Cargill Malt supplies customers in Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Africa and Malaysia as well as Australia and New Zealand.   We use 100% prime Australian malt barley to produce a range of high quality malts. To find out more about our products click here