Cargill has been supplying mid-protein meals from our New Zealand storage sites, direct from our Australian crush facilities since 2009.

For recognition in the market, and to give customers security that they are buying a Cargill product with full traceability, we decided to give our canola and cottonseed meals the brand name MidPro®.  Cargill worldwide has identified the benefits to milk production of incorporating mid protein meals in the dairy and feedlot ration. Our intention is to make the benefits of mid protein meal feeding available in  New Zealand, so that the New Zealand  farmer can enjoy the benefits of improved milk production, milk quality and herd condition.  

As a global player in a local market, it is important to Cargill that our products have maximum relevance and value to New Zealand farmers. Cargill has undertaken many studies around the world in the field of animal nutrition.  However, our commitment to the New Zealand market compelled us to undertake research in New Zealand conducted by an independent and well respected organisation on New Zealand pasture and using typical New Zealand diets. 

For these reasons in 2011 we commissioned Dr Jean Margerison of Dairy Systems Research, Massey University to undertake a controlled research project using their purpose built research farm. The findings of our research strongly confirmed the benefits to milk quality and production of including MidPro®  in typical New Zealand pasture based diets.

Key Findings

  •  Milk Solids in the MidPro® herds increased by close to 9% over control

  •  Milk Yield  in the MidPro® herds increased by up to 6.5% over control

Research and further information